Single Minded

I started today like every normal day. My son would wake me up by shouting "Mommy!" from his crib and I would hope that I was just hearing things. After a while I roll out of bed and put on my happy face to go see the love of my life who woke me from my beautiful coma.
  Today however, I opened the door and this sweet little boy had removed his pajamas, his diaper, and was covered in his own brown filth. So I had to calmly pick up my poop covered son and bring him down stairs because I unfortunately didn't leave any wipes upstairs! It was at the point where he looked at me and said "mommy tinky" that i realized that I had some on me!!!! For those of you who have yet to go through this, let me tell you it becomes very hard to remain calm when you have a toddler in your arms and you can feel the nastiness on you!

What does my ordeal this morning have to do with single mindedness? Good question! let me try and tie it in.

When I first found out I was going to be a mom I envisioned a "super mom" or just a mom with the boy-scout motto "always prepared". needless to say that person didn't magically appear after I had our son. If anything I became more frazzled and my attempts at organizing would only be short lived victories.

Don't even get me started on my prayer/ devotional life.... or the upkeep of my home or business.
I love the idea of having a routine but once it comes time to put feet to the pavement it never ends up happening.

I don't know If this sounds like you or if you are here to find out how to become a single minded person. but I want to encourage you that just because you didn't get it today the day you meet your goals is coming. There will be a day that everything on your To-Do list will get done and you will feel AWESOME!!

For me right now I need my focus on a million things. My husband will soon be a youth pastor, which means I have to pack our house up to move. my son is hitting his "terrible twos" early so packing then just becomes a game of "don't get into my boxes" I have a bunch of earrings to make before mothers day and a devotional life to stay on top of. but in all the craziness theres a song I heard in my teens that comes to my head.:

"Single minded, whole hearted, one thing I ask.
That I may gaze upon your beauty oh Lord!
That I may see your Holy face
That I may know you in an intimate way.
To know and follow hard after you!"


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