Sit in your seat!!

As I have mentioned before I have a son. His name is Judah and he's 20mo old. he's just gotten the hang of going to sleep by himself and I couldn't be more relieved! Now our current hurdle is getting him to stay seated in his high chair. You see,Im pretty sure my son is related to Houdini somehow with the way he can squirm out of straps and figure out how to stand up and dance around in his chair.

Every day for weeks now without fail I sit him in his seat and as I turn around to get the food to put on his tray he's up turned around and either trying to wobble his seat or reach something 2 feet away from his seat. (what can I say the kid has a death wish). and as I walk over to him he tips his head to the side and gives me a cute grin and just stands there.... I will say "Sit down buddy" a few times and he will play some game by sitting on his tray and saying "I sittin'" after a few times of me explaining what to do i will eventually fix the situation myself, just to have it happen all over again a moment later!

Yesterday night, after sitting him down in his seat for the umpteenth time I thought to myself how I am like this with God sometimes. I mean think about it.... the Bible talks about those sins that are hard on us or "easily beset us" How many times do catch yourself in the middle of your sin and that little moment where you look at God and smile. You know what you are doing is wrong and in that moment

some people I talk to say their kids get out of their seats because they think they are trapped. Wow! this is even more relatable! How often to we doubt Gods best without even thinking? we jump at opportunities without praying and getting council!

I want to encourage you! if you are struggling with staying in your seat or just being obedient in general please pray and seek Gods face and His will for your life! there is nothing safer than being in the will of God. That isn't to say you won't get hurt sometimes, but god doesn't give pain without a purpose. I love y'all! see you next time!


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